Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome & Happy New Year!

This year, 2015, is going to be a big year for me in many ways. I have been thinking about this – ALOT. I have plans and goals (NOT New Years resolutions). I am mentally & physically getting prepared for future changes (which is all happening way to fast!). Considering that I have been photographing professionally for over 23 years (eeek!) and have made lots of changes over the years just to keep up in the industry you would think that I could handle this. However, thinking about this makes my brain hurt and then the stress starts to set in. There is so much to do over the next 6 months. Change is hard but can be rewarding. And speaking of change, that is why I have decided to try doing a blog. But enough of this talk for now. Let’s get blogging and talk about….cars.

Cars…one of my favorite things (and my most fav is Porsche). On December 31, 2014, we purposely went to bed early. No parties, no staying up late to ring in the New Year. We woke before dawn, on January 1, 2015, got ready and headed out to Brooklands Motoring Museum for the New Year’s Day Gathering. Our drive there felt so easy as hardly anyone else was on the road. We also got lucky with the weather -no rain and it was going to be a high of 11C!

Brooklands is the birthplace of British Motorsport and Aviation and it was the world’s first purpose built motor circuit constructed by wealthy landowner Hugh Locke King in 1907. There is a wide range of motoring and aviation exhibits to see (like a Concorde!) as well as the London Bus Museum.









It was an eclectic gathering of cars. We saw all sorts from racing cars to super cars and everything in between. The grounds were packed! It was a fabulous showing of old and new, restored and original. Plus, a great way to kick-off the New Year!

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Until next time! Love. Peace. Porsche.



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