NorCal Treffen Air Cooled Car Event

My family and I have recently moved from England back to our home in Northern California (less than one month ago!) when a friend of ours mentioned an upcoming car event that featured air cooled VW’s and Porsches. Nor Cal Treffen (someone said in its 10th year?) is a gathering of vintage Volkswagens and Porsches on the lawn at Dave Brubeck Park in Concord and held on the first Sunday every August. This years event was on August 2nd and that morning we decided to pack a picnic lunch and take the ‘six’ (Porsche 914-6) for its maiden voyage. Although we have owned this car since January, it has sat in storage until our recent return to the states and this was the first time my husband took it someplace other than down our block.

This easy going event & its group of attendees made for a relaxing day in the park. An entrance fee of $15 gets you in & entered into the raffle plus there was a plentiful supply of free pastries, Noah’s Bagels and Starbucks coffee for those attending. Upon entrance you can park where you like at this 8 acre park (plenty of tree’s!) and if you bring the kids there is a playground at the opposite end. This event is truly just a gathering of the air cooled faithful because there are no contests or trophies on this day! Lots of chatting and exchanging ideas, meeting friends old and new and plenty of raffle prizes to be won. The turnout was great with cars ranging from rare originals, to modified or restored and replica status. Plus, if selling or swapping is your thing, bring your stuff but it must come in the show car.

This was a wonderful day at our first event sharing our car with other like minded folks. Would be terrific to fill up the park so if you are around next year come and check it out! Here is the web link:!

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