Senior Session ~ Class of 2016

Thieah’s session came about when a friend of hers called to inquire about the promo I was running. We discussed the details and then she told me one more ‘little’ important detail. That the photo submission date for senior pictures had been changed and now was due a lot sooner than originally planned. I thought ‘ok, not a problem’. She then told me Thieah needed to turn in her image for the yearbook by Friday – and today was Sunday!!

We were definitely on a time crunch and with  much predicted rain in the forecast all week things were not looking good for an outdoor session. However, we managed to squeeze our shoot in on Tuesday in between the rain showers!

With little time to plan, on Monday I discussed with Thieah, over the phone, some clothing ideas and in the end I said ‘most importantly to wear what she was comfortable in and made her feel good’. We arranged a meeting place & time and with that I said ‘See you tomorrow!’.

Thieah was full of nervous excitement and after a few clicks of the camera that gave way to smiles and laughter. She was easygoing and we talked about clothes, music, theatre and school during the shoot. After graduation, her plans are to study psychology.

Oh, and not only did we capture some fantastic photos of the gorgeous Thieah (those eyes!), she also selected her favorite image and it was sent off to the yearbook before Friday!!



Congratulations Thieah! Good Luck in all you do!


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