The Little Red Cabriolet

Recently I spent a lovely warm, Spring evening amongst lush green grapevines nestled in a small golden hued valley. Aaaaaah, California! However, I was not relaxing in a chair sipping a vintage red but rather running around photographing a vintage red automobile.

Hugh’s Porsche 356C Cabriolet once belonged to his late father (the car’s first owner). It has been a member of the same family for over 50 years and currently resides in Northern California. This multiple concours winner has been featured in Porsche Panorama and it was the overall winner of the 1998 PCA Zone 7 Concours. While the interior and exterior of the car have been redone, its engine, with over 96,000 miles, has never been rebuilt and he proudly drives it every week.

Everything about this car is meticulous. Its highly reflective chrome details and hubcaps, gorgeous black interior with red piping on the seats, polished gauges and syrupy liquid red paint. When you see it coming down the road, you can’t help but gawk, smile and watch as it rolls on by.


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