The ‘M’ Family Session & a Unicorn?

With some luck in the weather and advance coordination, I was able to make this combined family and horse session happen. I headed out early on my journey to the South Bay and stopped for lunch with some longtime friends before heading off to my shoot. On my way I kept thinking that I could not have been more blessed with the perfect weather!

Upon arrival at the horse park, I gathered my gear and began scouting the gorgeous hilly, green and oak dotted landscape. For the family session I selected a spot that was full of oak trees with swooping branches amongst the tall green grass (thanks to some early fall rain!). The late afternoon sun was soft and warm as it back lit the family giving them some lovely rim light. As I was shooting, a coyote snuck up the hill behind me. He had not noticed us until I turned around and then he quickly ran away! After the family shots we quickly headed back to the barn to get Misty,the pony, and get some images in the barn before heading off to our third and last location. The sun was setting quickly behind the mountains as we photographed Misty the Unicorn and her Princess. During this time I was going for a fairy tale look – soft , dreamy and magical. On my way home I was ‘Wowed’ with the ‘Super Moon’…a nice finishing touch to my already perfect day!


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