Rain, Rain

Rain, rain go away! We have had so much rain since the start of 2017 that we are full to the brim and overflowing! I had originally scheduled this lifestyle session once before but, the weather wasn’t going to compromise so it had to be rescheduled. And that turned out for the best 🙂

J’s mommy and I met through PTO at our kids school. We have crossed paths through various activities and got to chatting about taking some pictures. We discussed taking pics of J, who recently turned 4, and I suggested a lifestyle shoot to capture him in his element. After working out the details (style/clothes/props/location) we set a date.

Like I said the weather wasn’t cooperating so we had to reschedule. The day we met was perfect! Rain had stopped the night before and the sky was beginning to brighten that morning. There were so many puddles! J wasn’t quite sure at first that he should play in them but once Mom said it was ‘OK’ his free spirit opened wide. I took photos of him wading and jumping in the puddles. Then we played tag and a round of ‘hide and seek’. He has the cutest smile…and laugh. Sometimes he is so happy that his tongue naturally sticks out when he is smiling. Mom had given me a bag of Jelly Belly’s as  a treat for him. Whenever I would think it was time for a treat I would ask him what color he wanted, shake up the bag and then dispense a couple into his tiny hands. He was amused by this method. We finished our photo session with some ‘superhero’ moves and by that time the sunshine was in full force.

“He’s tender and bashful

but boyish and brute

impossibly clever

and cunningly cute”

~author unknown

I think this poem sums it all up quite well – don’t you?

Lifestyle sessions are about capturing someone or a family in their environment. If you are interested in being photographed in such a way please contact me to set up an appointment (contact form via my website or call me). This is a great way to capture those fleeting moments of your loved ones!               http://www.kristinaciliaphotography.com



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