Miss Suffolk, UK

A few years ago, my family and I lived in a small country village in Suffolk, England. It was small, quaint, and comforting. The people were very friendly and welcoming and it wasn’t long before we made (lifelong) friends.

Danielle Ribbon is the eldest daughter of a dear friend whom I met one day where we took our kids to Nursery in the village. At the time, Danielle was a teenager in high school and was eligible to babysit my kids on a few occasions. Her smile and laughter is contagious and she is such a sweet gal with a caring soul. As time went on, Danielle matured into a lovely young woman and moved on with her studies and career. It was just recently that I found out ‘on a whim’ she entered the Miss London beauty contest and placed 3rd – this was her very first beauty contest! And more recently, she decided to enter the Miss Suffolk beauty contest (the region she lives in) and won 1st place! Congratulations Danielle!

From across the pond, may we say how excited we are for you during this experience on your journey as Miss Suffolk 2017. You make a wonderful representative! We miss you and your wonderful family very much. Below are some questions I had for her which she was kind enough to take the time to answer during her busy schedule.

1. What got you into doing pageants?

A year ago I was asked to compete in a local heat, Miss London. It was something I never thought about entering but I thought I would give it a try and I am so glad I did. I came third in Miss London; as a complete newbie to pageants I was so proud. I definitely have the pageant bug now!

2. What are your duties as Miss Suffolk?

My main duties as Miss Suffolk are to be a representative of Suffolk and Miss Great Britain. By having the title of Miss Suffolk I now have the platform to inspire and influence people which I believe is one of my most important duties. Another duty as Miss Suffolk is to raise awareness and money for some very special charities.

3. What is the most exciting/memorable thing you have done as Miss Suffolk?

I have only recently been crowned Miss Suffolk but so far there’s already been so many amazing opportunities for me. I was very lucky to recently be invited to an event with Anthony Joshua (famous boxer) which was amazing. I have had my makeup done by Dior which was a privilege. I know the most exciting/memorable moment for me will be the Miss Great Britain finals in September. I feel very lucky and this is only the beginning, I can’t wait to see what the rest of my year as Miss Suffolk brings.

4. Fav Colour?

I have a few favourite colours. My favourite colour has been pink since I was a little girl, I think it represents me as a person, bubbly, girly and fun. I also love the colour red because I believe it represents love, courage and determination.

5. Do you workout or what do you do to keep in shape?

I workout because it makes me feel good, not necessarily because I worry about my figure but because I love the feeling I get after exercising. One thing I have learnt about pageants is you don’t have to be the girl in perfect shape to win, or do well, pageants (especially Miss Great Britain) embrace women of all sizes which I believe it very important.

6. What would you say to girls who want to get into pageants?

Go for it! Chase your dreams. Be who you want to be and don’t let anyone stop you. Pageants are a great way of expressing yourself as a person, they fill you with confidence and open so many doors. Becoming a beauty queen is certainly something you will embrace forever.

7. What are you currently studying or what do you want to study and become someday?

At College, I studied Health Science. I currently work as a healthcare assistant/phlebotomist in a doctors surgery. I have a passion for caring for people. I hope one day I will become a qualified nurse but for now I am very lucky to care for people in their times of need and have a impact on their life. I am grateful everyday for the job I do, I love it.

Danielle xx

*below are a couple pictures I took of Danielle and her younger sister.


You can follow Danielle on her journey as Miss Suffolk on Instagram: @missdanielleribbon

You can also follow me & my photography on Instagram: @kristinaciliaphotography

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