Treffpunkt 2017

For the past eleven years, the California Bay Area air cooled community has descended upon Dave Brubeck Park in Concord for the Nor Cal Vintage VW and Porsche Treffen. This year, despite a name change, was no different for organizer Michael Rogers who had to rename the event to Nor Cal Vintage VW and Porsche Treffpunkt due to a legal hiccup using the word ‘Treffen’. This year marked twelve years for the event which showcased just over 200 cars in the eight acre park. And there is still plenty of room to grow. Michael says its “not a show – it’s a gathering of like minded enthusiasts who enjoy hanging out and seeing some of the best Porsche’s and VW’s in Northern California. No judging, no trophies, no white gloves.” While most come to show off their air colled ride and hangout for the camaraderie, swapping is allowed as long as it is driven into the park in your display car.

This was my third year attending this eclectic air cooled gathering and each time I have seen something different or unusual. Last year it was a Formula Vee vintage racer towed by a VW Transporter. And then there was a 4×4 Jeg. Although this is an air cooled German car event it does tend to bring out the rare and unusual and this year was no exception. There was a Messerschmitt, an early vintage BMW motorcycle, a DKW Auto Union utility vehicle and a 1953 IFA F9. Aside from that, you will see outlaw Porsches, hot rod or custom VW’s, as well as original and restored air cooled’s from both manufacturers. Got patina? There’s plenty of it at the show! This year’s gathering did not disappoint and part of the reason for Treffpunkt’s continued success is the variety and quality of cars that turn out.

This selection of cars is not curated by the organizers, anyone with a German air cooled vehicle is welcome. You arrive in the morning, pay the fee, and park where you like. Then, grab a free bagel and coffee provided by the host, and stroll around the park or kickback and enjoy the sound and smell of other vintage air cooled’s rolling in. While there are plenty of bugs, buses and 911’s to ogle, some of the lesser seen cars in attendance this year were a handful of Porsche 914’s, 356’s, and a convertible VW Karmann Ghia. Most of which have not been seen at other car events.

Thanks to the devotion of car people like Michael Rogers and his crew who organize this event and keep the enthusiasm of vintage air cooled car culture alive. Treffpunkt will continue to flourish because of car fanatics young and old. Be sure to add the Nor Cal air cooled ‘Treffpunkt’ 2018 to your calendar next August. Whether you drive your own vintage car to this event or just walk in to enjoy the scenery, either way, you won’t be disappointed.   See you next year!

*some of these images were published in the Porsche 356 Registry magazine

DKW Auto Union utility vehicle
Outlaw 356
1953 IFA F9




Captures the spirit of the event



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