Porsche Werks Reunion 2017

From here to there, Porsche cars were everywhere,

Red cars, blue cars, old cars, new cars.

This one is a superstar and this one carries scars.

My what a lot of cars there are!

Come one, come all…and they did, as over 1000 cars rolled onto the fairways of the Corral de Tierra Country Club, near Laguna Seca Raceway, for the fourth annual Porsche Werks Reunion during Monterey Car Week.  As a national venue put on by the Porsche Club of America, this popular event is free to spectators and welcomes all Porsche Clubs, owners, and enthusiasts to join in this celebration of the marque as well as the enthusiasm and camaraderie (for Porsche automotive engineering).

Shortly after sunrise, around 7AM the event kicked off.  With over 775 cars eventually filling up the display field and 150 of those cars in judged classes, and hundreds more in the spectator parking lot. By mid-morning as attendees strolled the grounds of this pristine golf course, owners polished their Porsches, vendors showcased their products and the judging was well under way.

Having been a Porsche Club of America (PCA) member for the past 27 years, this would be the first year my husband and I would enter a car in a concourse competition.  We drove our (slightly modified) 73’ 914 2.0L down to the Monterey area for car week and used it all week long. Thursday evening was spent prepping the car for the event on Friday morning, where he then spent another two hours cleaning the 914 once the car was parked on the lawn.  It was a little nerve wracking as this was our first ever concourse, but the car presented very well and was the cleanest it has EVER been…he said never again, but we’ll see about that.

This year’s featured marque was the Porsche Boxster as 2017 celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the first generation 986. A diverse group of Porsches made it to the lawn for this year’s event and thousands of spectators ogled some of the rarest cars made including a 1951 Sauter-Porsche Roadster, a 1953 356 series America Coupe, and a Carrera GT supercar, plus many tribute cars, hotrods, and the one millionth 911.  Also on display were some Porsches from the Sierra Madre Collection and the Porsche Museum. Michelin Tire Company, the event’s sponsor, displayed 3 cars raced by Jeff Zwart: a 1992 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 SCCA Pro Rally Car, a 2002 Porsche 996 GT2 Pikes Peak Hillclimb Champion, and a 2010 Porsche 997.2 GT3 Cup Pikes Peak Hillclimb Special. The latter of which made an appearance in 2016 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed finishing in the Top 10 overall. For show registrants, Sponsors also raffled away sets of tires, an all-inclusive trip for 2 to the 2018 24 Hours of LeMans, and a day at the newest Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles.

Many notables were also in attendance such as multiple LeMans and Daytona winning driver Hurley Haywood; European Rally Champion and Formula One driver Vic Elford; Porsche Factory Driver Patrick Long; photographer, commercial director and racer Jeff Zwart; Porsche Motorsports North America President and CEO Daniel Armbruster; Urban Outlaw celebrity Magnus Walker; artist Nicolas Hunziker and many more.

By mid-afternoon judging had commenced and the awards were presented to the joyous owners as they paraded their cars in front of an enthusiastic audience while being streamed live via the Porsche Club of America Facebook page for the world to see. Werks Reunion 2017 was an astounding success and is sure to be a highlight for anyone attending Monterey Car Week in the future.

All of the hard work payed off for us as well, as we took First place in the 914/914-6 category with our freshly restored 73’ 914 2.0L.  My husband got to drive the car up to center stage where he was interviewed and accepted the award while I was busy taking photos.  Overall it was a great experience to compete in the concourse and participate in this year’s Werks Reunion!


*a similar article & photos ran in the magazines Classic Porsche and Duck and Whale


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