A Fall Harvest Mediterranean Wedding

This styled wedding shoot collaboration between myself and event planner Paradise Parkway took place at Park Winters and involved many creative vendors. For some background detail about our narrative read the story below and you can also watch the narrative come to life by clicking the video link found on my website under Video that was created by Darin Reyes Productions (link near bottom of page). For some images that I took see below or please go to my website (www.kristinaciliaphotography.com), and then click on a specific image or click on WEDDINGS.

Our story:

When I got together with Paradise Parkway (the event planner) to create an inspirational shoot, we knew we had to put something unique together to showcase our favorite season – autumn. With the focus on creating a narrative based inspirational feature, together with the vibrant colors and the abundance of harvest to play with, we wanted to tell a beautiful love story through our imagery that we could showcase to a creative bride. We were imagining ourselves transported to Granada Spain, which boasts of splendid ornamental architecture, spectacular and lush gardens, cascading and dripping water features, rolling farmland and breathtaking views which is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful love story. But, we couldn’t go to Spain thus we brought Spain to us by incorporating the elements of this Mediterranean abode to create the love story of Bree & Joseph. With simple country luxury as their focus and a farm to fork concept, surrounded by lush gardens and splendid ornamental architecture boasting throughout the property, a dripping water feature and breathtaking views, Park Winters was the perfect location to narrate our story. And this is the love story we like to tell…

A romantic proposition, a fiancé awaiting, a garden at the epicenter, a beautiful farm house infused with Mediterranean accents, this is the backdrop of true romance taking place at the heart of a bountiful harvest. Joseph, a farm boy in the heart of Spain who is engaged to be married to the love of his life Bree, is truly an impatient fella. They live in adjoining farms and he has decided to write a letter asking Bree to marry him in a whimsy in the gardens of her family’s estate. The young fella has written a letter to the love of his life anticipating her decision to whisk her away soon. Bree, a damsel in love, playfully tries to determine whether she should take the leap at once. She then finally decides that she will meet him at the garden, where he awaits. An intimate celebration she prepares, which sets the mood for the entire day. The bridal dresses were selected in keeping with the narrative playfulness of Bree and the formality of their nuptials and used through the different phases of the story. With the abundance of fall around us, infused with the vibrant colors, mixed with gold tones and wrought iron décor that brings out the Mediterranean vibe and included with the harvest from the farm, this beautiful romantic set up was created to tell a story from the beginning to the end. The letter was written in a whimsy, thus showcasing it on a piece of cloth and the cake was created with the mindset of the abundance of fall oozing out. The florals took center stage with the décor to bring out the vibrant colors and textures of fall. The stage is set and the story is narrated through the eyes of Bree, which builds to a climax where we see a glimpse of Joseph taking her hand to whisk her away…their love story continues!


A Fall Harvest Mediterranean Wedding

Collaborative Vendors:

Photography – Kristina Cilia Photography

Planning, Design & Florals – Paradise Parkway 

Venue – Park Winters

Videography – Darin Reyes Productions

 Rentals – Blossom Farm Vintage Rentals

Bridal Stylist – Always Elegant Bridal

 Hair & Make – up – Cassandra McClure Mobile Salon

Cake Artist – Rose Quartz Cakery

Drinks – Gold Bartending

Wedding Calligrapher – The Baum Creative 


 Contact me if you would like to schedule a photo shoot, book a wedding or collaborate. I am also available as a second shooter/assistant. Please contact me via my website (www.kristinaciliaphotography.com) or DM me through my Instagram account @KristinaCiliaPhoto.

Cheers & have a great day! 🙂


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