A November Family Photo Session

Happy New Year! So I am a little late on this post! Fall was busy with photo shoots, a quick round of jury duty and then Thanksgiving and Christmas came and went. It was a whirlwind of a time and every year seems to go by quicker.

Anyway, when I photographed this cute family it was mid November in California and fall was definitely in full swing. This is absolutely one of my favorite times of year! Mornings are crisp and things are covered with dew drops and the late afternoons have that warm magical light as the sun begins to set, and the crisp air has a hint of fireplace smoke in it.

We were nearly all to ourselves as we strolled along taking photos, joking & laughing, being serious and goofy, and doing a bit of tree climbing! How many moms do you know that would suggest climbing a tree in cowgirl boots and a dress to get a photo? She rocked it! And as a mom of boys, I know this sort of thing all to well. And how about all the wonderful colors they chose to wear? It could not have looked any more perfect with nature’s colors.


Contact me at (707) 724-1732 to schedule your family photo shoot or through my website at http://www.kristinaciliaphotography.com. Please also follow me on FB and Instagram at Kristina Cilia Photography. Cheers & have a great day!


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