Almond Orchard Session

Last month it was feeling a lot like Spring! The first half of the month we had lots of sunshine, warm weather, and things were beginning to bloom. The latter half of the month was frigid but we won’t talk about that.

It was mid-month and I had the privilege of photographing the ‘O’ family at an almond orchard when it was in full bloom. It was a beautiful day and they looked amazing! With a few tips from me, they took the time to coordinate their outfits (mom commented how difficult that was!) as well as perfect their hair & makeup. What a fabulous job they did! Since this was a mini-session we moved quickly from one shot to the next and the girls were pros. These almond orchard blossoms aren’t around for very long and if the weather isn’t very compatible it makes for an even shorter season. If you are interested in a session I’m afraid that you will have to wait until next year! Be sure to follow me (Kristina Cilia Photography) on Facebook by ‘Liking’ my page so you will get updates on special sessions like these and you can also follow me on Instagram to see updates.

If you would like to book a Family or Senior portrait session, an engagement photo or wedding please contact and let’s start planning!

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Here are a few photos from the Almond orchard session.




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