Bird’s Eye View

Sonoma Canopy Tours | Alliance Redwoods | By Kristina Cilia Photography

Recently my family and I had an amazingly fun family adventure zip lining through the trees in Sonoma County. The day began early as we had to be at Sonoma Canopy Tours by 9:15am. After arriving, we checked in and then rode in the back of a pick up truck to the station where we had to go over the technicalities before jumping into our harnesses. Our guides for the day, Romena and Ardith, made us laugh and feel comfortable which made for an even more fun experience. Once we all had our harnesses on we hopped back into the truck and rode further up the mountain to a long flight of stairs that would get us to our first platform.

They double checked everyone’s harnesses and then, one at a time, clipped us into the zip line (you are attached twice with a caribiner for extra safety) with some simple instructions before sending each across one at a time. We began with the shortest zip line and progressed up to the longest (1/4 mile!!) and then the final two zip lines being the fastest (up to 40 miles an hour!) for a 2.5hr bird’s eye tour among the tree tops. It was SO much FUN!!!

If you are looking for adventure, a fun family outing, a team building experience or just a fun day out with some friends I highly recommend zip lining. However, this is not something for the faint of heart or those who have issues with heights. Too early? They also offer afternoon and night tours at Sonoma Canopy Tours.