Summer’s Here…and it’s time to schedule your Senior Portraits!

Summer 2018 | Summer Fun and Senior Portraits | by Kristina Cilia Photography

Summer officially started last week and my family and I have already been enjoying it! We have gone bowling, swimming, enjoyed a trip to the beach (one of our favorite things to do especially when it gets hot here in NorCal! See some pics below), and a day ziplining through the redwoods (see my last post on that one). We have already had so much fun making family memories and this is only the beginning of summer.

As an upcoming Class of 2019 Senior this will more than likely be the last full summer that you spend at home with your family. Hopefully it will be spent doing some of your favorite things like camping, coasting, road trips, water skiing, swimming, biking, hiking, a day in the city or a trip to the theatre. Whatever it is you do, wherever you go, make time to spend it with your family to create those special memories (and take lots of photos to remember those times with them!) to cherish later on down the road.

As a Senior photographer, that is what I do – take photos of you at this point in your life – to remember YOU and the things you have done, accomplished and love – to cherish those moments later on in life. Class of 2019, as your Senior year approaches you should be thinking about your portraits. What sort of session would you like? Coastal, urban, colorful, golden fields, a river, or fall colors? How do you want to be remembered? Activities (ie: ballet, sports, books, theatre, etc), pets, clothing, car, and various props are all great things to add to your session. This is what will make your session memorable and make you stand out.

Book a session with me, Kristina Cilia Photography, and let’s chat about how you would like to be captured. Let’s design a session around YOU and who you are. Book now and receive a complimentary best friend session as well as a family portrait session. Contact me for details (707) 724-1732.

(Instagram): @kristinaciliaphoto

(FB): Kristina Cilia Photography




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