Rebekah & Shane – Vacaville Wedding Photography


Private Ranch | Fairfield, CA | by Kristina Cilia Photography

This was a day about family – parents, grandparents, siblings; a wedding party composed mostly of siblings and a few important friends (you know the ones who are nearly family?); the bride’s father doing double duty as he walked his daughter down the aisle, gave her a kiss, and then stepped up to the altar to officiate the ceremony; the groom’s father and one of the bride’s brothers saying the readings; as all in attendance gleefully watched, sang and cried tears of joy as the couple were pronounced husband and wife.

The outdoor reception was no different. Several of the bride’s brothers took the helm and MC’d the event. They were also the bartenders as well as the DJ and were enjoying every minute of it as they kept the crowd happy. Other family members gave the toast and toasted marshmallows for the smore’s bar.

Rebekah and Shane – the saying ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ must be true; in your case it was because of jobs in different states but that didn’t stop the two of you from falling in love. The BIG day came and it was a fabulous celebration: the fastidious June bride who was crazy in love to a groom who was mesmerized by her, the proud parents, the happy families and friends, a cool evening breeze through the trees as the sun set on those playing cornhole or volleyball before the dancing began and the party continued on through the night.

Congratulations on a lifetime of happiness Shane & Rebekah!

Location: Twin Peaks Chapel Travis AFB | Private Ranch, Fairfield, CA
Photography: Kristina Cilia
Instagram: @kristinaciliaphoto
FB: Kristina Cilia Photography



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