NorCal Treffpunkt 2018

Aircooled Porsches & VW’s | Concord, CA | by Kristina Cilia Photography


What better way to spend a Sunday than in the park surrounded by vintage Porsche’s and Volkswagens?

Another successful NorCal Treffpunkt, put on by Micheal Rogers, at Dave Brubek park in Concord has come and gone. This casual gathering of aircooled Porsche’s and VW’s never disappoints with an eclectic mix of cars on display for participants and attendees to browse. Missed it? What a shame, you’ll have to wait until the first weekend in August next year to attend.

While you can expect to see VW Beetles and Busses by the handfuls and more than a few vintage 911’s, the show offers quite the selection of original, restored, rare, modded and unusual models to peruse. How about a restored early split window VW Beetle complete with a Porsche Super 90 engine and Speedster seats? Or how about a restored Porsche 356 Cabriolet that has been in the same family since new? And what about the VW Beetle art project that inspires passers-by to write a message or draw a picture? Then there was an amphibious vehicle, the Schwimmwagen, built by Volkswagen during WWII.

This automotive enthusiasm begins early and continues throughout the afternoon. Coffee, doughnuts and bagels are available to those who arrive early and a food truck is available for those who didn’t pack a picnic lunch. A variety of items are raffled off throughout the day and you can even purchase NorCal Treffpunkt shirts and hats. Whether you are a Volkswagen or Porsche owner or just an enthusiast, I advise you too mark your calendar for next year as this show never disappoints!

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